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peerkangai thol thogayal

Peerkangai Thol Thogayal, Ridge-gourd peel chutney - This is a lip-smacking thogayal recipe made with the peels of ridge gourd. The roasted peels take a slightly smoky flavor that pairs so well with coconut and is an excellent side dish to serve along with rice, dosa and chapathi.

Ridge gourd, a popular vegetable in Indian cooking. This green fleshy vegetable has intrinsically bland and insipid taste. Hence, it is commonly used to prepare many customary "desi" dishes such as pakoras, sambar, dal, chutney and raita. Despite its neutral and boring palate, it offers innumerable health benefits like promoting weight loss, maintaining eye function and enhancing immunity.

Ridge gourds are rich in a vary array of essential components like dietary fibers, water content, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6. They are naturally low in calorie content, unhealthy saturated fats and cholesterol. 

I usually make curry or stir-fry with the flesh of the ridge gourd and a thogayal with the peels /skin. Never discard the peels of the ridge-gourd. They are so tasty and flavorful. 

Uses of Ridge Gourd Thogayal- Revitalises Skin Texture, Enhances the vision, perfect remedy for anemia, promotes weight loss, relieves constipation, protects liver function, manages diabetes symptoms, lowers body heat, boosts immunity and cures ulcers. Bestowed with vitamin C and vitamin A which are famed for their antioxidant potential, ridge gourd helps eliminate detrimental free radicals from the system, avert oxidative damage to healthy skin tissues and detoxify and purify the blood. 

Ridge Gourd Thogayal tastes heavenly delicious when served with hot steamed rice along with a tsp of sesame oil / ghee. It goes well with dosa and chapathi too.  This recipe is very easy to prepare in less than 20 minutes.

For this thogayal, i used grated coconut. So, don't refrigerate and finish it right away. Follow my step by step photo recipe to prepare Peerkangai Thol Thogayal Chutney. If you like this recipe share it, tweet it and pin it. Please do try and post your comments.

peerkangai thol thogayal

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Coarse      : Lunch / Dinner

Cuisine     : South Indian

Author      : Jayashree Karthik

Prep Time : 10 min

Cook Time : 15 min

Total Time : 25 min

ridge gourd peel chutney

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  • 1.5 cup ridge gourd peels
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1/4 cup bengal gram dal
  • 4 garlic
  • 6 dry red chillies
  • 1 spring curry leaves
  • 1 small marble sized tamarind
  • 1/3 cup grated coconut
  • salt - to taste
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  • For Ridge Gourd Thogayal, i have taken 2 big ridge gourds and peel the skin using peeler. The peels are roughly about 1.5 cups and set aside. Use the flesh to make curries, sabzi, etc.,
  • heat a tbsp of sesame oil in the pan, add bengal gram dal and roast on a low flame for a couple of minutes. Once the lentils are slightly starting to change colour, add garlic, red chillies, tamarind and curry leaves
  • continue to roast on a low flame for 1 minute till the lentils are golden
  • now remove the mixture from the heat and allowed to cool at room temperature
  • once its cooled down, transfer this mixture into the mixer grinder
  • in the same pan, add in the tablespoon of sesame oil and add in the ridge gourd peels and roast for about 7-8 minutes on medium flame. The peels should wilt and shrink and it will slowly start to char and brown on the edges. Continue roasting the peels for a minute and then switch off the flame. Add this wilted peels into the mixer grinder along with freshly grated coconut and salt
  • ground to a thick and smooth paste adding few tablespoons of water while grinding. If it is slightly coarse paste, tat's perfectly fine and it gives a nice taste. 
  • peerkangai thogayal is ready to serve with hot steamed rice along with a tsp of ghee. It also tastes excellent with dosa and chapathi. 

  • adjust spice level according to the taste
  • do not add more water while grinding thogayal
  • if you want to temper this thogayal, please temper with mustard seeds, urad dal, hing and curry leaves

ridge gourd peel chutney

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take 2 ridge gourds

peel the skin

yield 1.5 cups

rinse well in water and set aside

heat a tbsp of sesame oil in the pan, add bengal gram dal and roast in low flame for a couple of minutes

lentils turns brown color and add in garlic, red chillies, 
curry leaves and tamarind

saute for 1-2 minute and then switch off the flame
cool down the mixture thoroughly

in the same pan, add ridge gourd peels

saute for 4-7 minutes and it shrinks and wilted well

transfer all the roasted ingredients into the mixer grinder along with roasted lentils mixture

add freshly grated coconut and salt

sprinkle little water and grind to a smooth or slight coarse paste

peerkangai thol thogayal is ready

ridge gourd peel chutney

serve with hot steamed rice, dosa or chapathi

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