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atma rama ananda ramana


Aathma Rama Aanandha Ramana

Achyutha Keshava Hari Narayana

Bhava Bhaya Harana Vanditha Charana

Raghukula Bhooshana Rajiva Lochana

Adi Narayana Anantha Shayana

Sathchitthanandha Sathya Narayana


You are the Blissful and Beautiful Lord who prevades the entire universe and also resides within every being as their indweller.

O Lord! You are the indestructible and Eternal one. You are the Beautiful One with long and soft hair who annihilated the demon Kesi. You are the one who routinely destroys the cycle of birth and death of all earthly beings and annuls their sufferings. 

O Lord! We adore and reverentially worship thy Holy Feet as it is the refuge of all and protects all beings from the trials and trauma of earthly existence. 

O Lord Rama! You are the Lotus-eyed Enchanting One who was the illustrious scion of the Raghu dynasty. You are the One who elevated this holy clan to great heights by your presence, power and glory.

O Lord! You are the All-Pervasive Lord Narayana, the Primordial Lord of this universe, who is indefinitely and eternally in a reclining position, that is, in a state of peace and rest. O Lord! You are the creator and governor of this Universe and at the same time is beyond this creation and is always at rest.

O Lord Sai! You are Lord Narayana Himself, You are the Supreme Embodiment of Truth who is ever in a state of complete awareness and absolute bliss. O Lord, You are Omnipresent and in Eternal Bliss.

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