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Rama Kodanda rama

Glory to Lord Rama who bears the bow and arrow, the crowned King of Ayodhya, who incarnated for the welfare of entire humanity. There is no refuge other than you, O Lord Rama, consort of Sita. I pleaded with You, O Lord, I got the support of your benevolent hand. Your one word is enough to contemplate and that is equivalent to a sack full. O Lord, please converse with me. Chanting the name of Rama is better, contemplating on Rama is enough. Please protect me, O Lord Rama, Your name alone is enough.

Rama Kodanda Rama, Rama Kalyana Rama (4)

Rama Sita Pathi Rama Neevey gathi (2)

rama Niku mrokkiti Rama niche Jikkiti (2)

rama neekevaru jodu rama kreeganta judu (2)

rama nenu nivadu rama nato mathadu (2)

rama namame melu rama chintane chaalu (2)

rama nivu nannelu rama rayade chaalu (2)

rama nidoka mata rama nakoka muta (2)

rama nee pate pata rama ni bate bata (2)

rama nenandainanu rama verenchalenu (2)

rama enna dainanu rama bayakalenu (2)

rama viraja raja rama mukhajita raja (2)

rama bhakta samaja rakshita tyagaraja (2)

Rama Kodanda Rama, Rama Kalyana Rama (2)


O Rama! You are wearing your bow named Kodandam look very festive!

O Rama! You are the husband of goddess Sita and you are my only destination!

O Rama! bow to you and I am in your hands!

O Rama! No one is equal to you! Please bless me just by looking at me once!

O Rama! I belong to you! Please talk to me once!

O Rama! Your name is very beautiful! Thinking about you all the time is enough for me!

O Rama! Please bless and take care of me! Your devotion is the only thing I need in life!

O Rama! Your one word is like a huge treasure for me!

O Rama! Your song is the only song I love! The path you walked is the only path I take!

O Rama! I cannot think of anyone other than you!

O Rama! I cannot bear the thought of separating from you!

O Rama! You look very majestic and beautiful!

O Rama! You are the lord of tyagaraja and protect all your devotees1

Rama Kodanda rama

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