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RAAGAM - Behag

Aa : S R3 G3 M1 P D3 N3 S

Av : S N3 P M1 R3 S 


COMPOSER - Subramanya Bharathiyaar


Enakku Vendum Varangalai

Isaippen kelaai Ganapathi


Manadhil salanam illaamal

Madhiyil irule thondraamal


Ninaikkum pozhudhu nin mouna

Nilai vandhida nee seiyal vendum

Ganakkum Selvam nooru vayadhu

Ivaiyum tara nee kadavaaye


Oh lord Ganapati, I hold your feet and apply them on to my eyes. My mission is that I should compose several works without any interruption or errors. I want to retain your rule in my mine all the time (So that there is no wavering in my mind).

I shall ask the boons I want and you pay attention. I should not have any turmoil in my mind and there should be no darkness therein either. When I desire, you should provide your own composure and peaceful state to me. You shall also give me fabulous wealth and a long life.


Bharathi does not mince words. He means what he says. He treats the gods with love and passions but simultaneously as his friends. He takes liberties with them and instead of being subservient when asking for boons he more or less dictates. That is why he is such a unique poet. On the face of his request may appear selfish (requesting longevity of life and wealth) but his purpose was more altruistic in the larger interest of humanity at large.

In this song Bharathi more or less dictates rather than requests. That shows his intimacy to rather than distance from the deity. Besides, instead of stating the requests he says he will sing. Mental turmoil is difficult to control. So he places that request first. Darkness may surround even a steady mind. The mind has to resolve that to lead in the right path. That is his second request. To manage the issues one needs composure. he wants such composure that the lord himself possesses. The 4th and 5th boons are material aspirations which come last in the order of preference.

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