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Learn how to make Omam Water

omam water

Omam, known as Carom seeds in English is one of the oldest herbs that is being used since centuries for its medicinal benefits. The bitter pungent taste of these tiny seeds make them perfect for Indian dishes. Omam is one of the important spice used in Indian snacks, curries and parathas as it helps in digestion and absorption of food. 

Omam is an ayurvedic super food. These tiny seeds which is very similar to fennel seeds and cumin seeds. It is slightly green to brown in colour. It is also highly fragrant and has bitter notes and a very strong flavor.

Omam is one of the most effective natural remedies used in ayurveda. It is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and fats. It is also very effective and can be used for weight loss.


Ajwain plant is usually found in Iran, Asia and Turkey. In some parts of India, Ajwain cultivation is found. Ajwain is also found in the Middle East and North Africa.


There are different names of Ajwain such as omam, ethopian cumin, ajwan, yavan, ajave seeds depending on where it's used in the world.

In Sanskrit, it is known as Ajwain
In Hindi, it is known as carom seeds
In Marathi, it is known as ova
In English, it is known as carrom seeds, bishops weed
In Oriya, it is known as aniseed
In Tamil, it is known as Omam
In Telugu, it is known as omammu, veelakar
In Malayalam, it is known as Ayamodakam
In German, it is known as ajowan samen


Ajwain seeds and their oil contain 20 different bioactive compounds, mainly thymol, terpenoids, p-cymene, gama-terpinene and essential oil. The thymol and carvacrol are crucial components that are responsible for the inhibition of fungi and bacteria growth.


Omam water is an excellent ayurvedic remedy to treat indigestion problems. It helps in treating indigestion issues and eases irregular periods problem. It helps in treating indigestion issues and eases irregular periods problem. Omam water is a traditional remedy given to babies to cure indigestion and flatulence.

Relieves cold and cough - omam water clears the nasal cavities and opens up blocked passages. This provides instant relief from coughs and colds by removing mucus and congestion in the lungs.

Helps in Weight Loss - drinking omam water daily on empty stomach helps in accelerating weight loss and dissolving of fats. This helps in reducing body fat.

Diabetes - omam water helps lower blood sugar levels and regular insulin secretion

Gives Radiant Skin - omam removes toxins from the body. it acts as a blood purifier and improves circulation of blood. this makes the skin clear and glowing.


Drinking omam water everyday will help you with indigestion. Make sure you consume it on an empty stomach every morning. This indirectly will help you with weight loss as better digestion will restrict weight fluctuations.


  • consuming excess omam seeds can lead to gas production in the stomach, leading to acidity and reflux
  • some peoples are allergic to ajwain seed, which is due to the presence of thymol, which can cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting
  • pregnant women should avoid taking an excessive amount of omam seeds due to potential adverse effects on fetal development
  • higher amount of oral administration of omam seeds are considered toxic, it can result in fatal poisoning


  • babies as young as 8 months old can be given omam water does not contain any side effects and is a completely natural remedy
  • 1/2 tsp of omam water can give daily to babies which helps in digestion and relief from gas
  • it helps in treat asthma in babies
  • it helps relieve congestion in the lungs and relieves cold and cough in infants



Course       : Health Drink

Cuisine      : South India

Author       : Jayashree Karthik

Prep Time  : 2 min

Cook Time : 12 min

Total Time  : 14 min

omam water

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp omam seeds / ajwain
  • take 1 tbsp omam seeds in a clean dry pan and fry the seeds on medium flame till nice aroma comes
  • now add 1 cup water to the pan and cook covered in medium flame for 10 minutes or until halved
  • filter the omam water through a strainer and press gently with a spoon to extract the last 
  • serve warm
  • Enjoy!
  • dont use instant/store bought omam powder or to prepare omam water
  • add sugar or honey, if like to add any sweetener to the omam water

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