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nirpathuve nadapathuve

It is more than 100 years since this great poet left us. History has shows that a a few of his dreams have been realized. I am honored and gifted to sing his songs. One of the heart capturing poem from "MAHA KAVI SUBRAMANYA BHARATHIYAR' is Nirpathuve Nadapathuve.

This is a very popular song by the Mahakavi Bharathiyar, so appealing because of its simplicity. The poet is questioned the validity of our perceptions/views/beliefs/thoughts about this world... brilliance is one word which sums it! do pay attention to each word.

Let us look at the song. Nirpathuve Nadapathuve song is from Bharathi 2000. The movie star cast is Devayani and Sayaji shinde. Singer of Nirpathuve Nadapathuve is Harish Raghavendra. Lyrics are written by Mahakavi Bharathiyaar. Music is given by Ilayaraja. Nirpathuve Nadapathuve Lyrics in English.

nirpathuve nadapathuve

Movie : Bharathi

Poet : Subramanya Bharathi

Music : Ilayaraja


Nirpathuvae Nadapathuve Parapathuve

Neengalellam Soppanam Thaano

Pala Thotra Mayakangalo

Karpadhuve Ketpathuve Karudhuvadhe

Neengalellam Arpa Maayaygalo

Ummul Aalndha Porul illaiyo

Vaanagame Ilaveyile Maracharive

Neengalellam Kaanalin Neero

Verum Kaatchi Pizhai Thaano

Ponathellam Kanavinaipol

Puthainthazhinthe Ponathanaal

Naanum Oor Kanavo

Intha Gnalamum Poi Thaano

Kaalam Endre Oru Ninaivum

Kaatchi Endre Pala Ninaivum

kolamum Poigalo

Angu Gungalum Poigalo

Kaanpadhellam Maraiyum Endraal

Maraindhadhellam Kaanbamandro

Naanum Oor Kanavo

Intha Gnalamum Poi Thaano


The lifeless things that stand still,

The beings that can walk, and those which fly at will!

Are you a mirror image of what I see in my dreams ?

A multifaceted illusion which makes me believe the world is jus as it seems ?!

The things that I learn,

what I hear, and the things that I think that forms the underlying pattern!

is it all just a hallucination?

Without any deeper sense of meaning or notion ?

The infinitely vast sky,

The pleasant warmth of sunlight and the green trees on mountain side that slopes by!

Are you like the ever elusive mirage, around the bend ?

Just my erroneous points of view, in the end ?

Everything thats gone and lost fast,

Seems like a dream, buried in the past!

I would be gone one day too! Just a living dream - Am I ?

The whole universe, one big lie ?!

The placidity of the viewpoint in a period of time, 

But disguised within it are a million points of view, given by senses of mine!

Are all the appearances surreal?

Characters and characteristics just unreal ?

Everything that we see would disappear forever, someday!

Would we ever see them come back, from all the way ?

I would be gone one day too! Just a living dream - Am I ?

The whole universe, one big lie ?!

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