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yathumagi nindrai

It is more than 100 years since this great poet left us. History has shows that a a few of his dreams have been realized. I am honored and gifted to sing his songs. One of the heart capturing poem from "MAHA KAVI SUBRAMANYA BHARATHIYAR' is Yathumagi Nindrai.

Goddess worship in India considering her as mother has been prevalent in India and especially Tamil Nadu from very ancient times. In sangam literature it is mentioned that the goddess in charge of the desert region is Kotravai. The worship of KALI is a common practice in north India, especially Bengal. Bharathi lived in Varanasi for a few years and he picked up the tradition of Kali worship from there. He wrote/sang 28 songs on Kali. He used the names; Parashakthi, Shivashakthi, Kali, Mahakali, Gomathi and Muttumari among others to describe her. Bharathi considered the land of India as an image of parashakthi.

The world moves on cosmic energy. Energy is considered as a deity of Bharathi. He considered all matter originating from Kali. He considered Kali as his mother. He though that if one surrenders to her all of one's needs would be taken care of by her. In the song under consideration he attributes all the elements and senses to her and that she is the cause of our happiness as well as misery. He recognizes that pleasure and pain are inseparable twins and says the mother Kali dispenses them to all.

Let us look at the song. It can be sung in various ragams such as revathi, nadanamakriya and sindubhairavi, besides others

yathumagi nindrai

COMPOSER: Subramanya Bharathi


Yaadhumagi nindrai, Kali,

Yengum nee nirainthai

Theethu nanmayellam, Kali, 

Deiva leelai yandro

Bhoothamainthum aanai Kali,

Porigal anaithum aanai,

Bodhamagi nindari Kali,

Poriyai vinji nindari

Inbamagi vittai, Kali,

Yen ulle pugundhai,

Pinbu ninnai yallal Kali,

Pirithu naanum undo

Anbu alithu vittai, Kali,

Aanmai thanthu vittai,

Thunbam neeki vittai,

Thollai pokki vittai.


Oh Kali, you stood as everything,

You were full everywhere,

Oh Kali, all that which is good and bad,

Are plays of the God almighty.

Oh Kali, You became the five elements,

You became all the machines,

Oh Kali, you stood as the conscience,

And you stood above all the machines,

Oh Kali, you became the great pleasure,

And you entered inside me,

Oh Kali, after this, Oh Kali,

Can I stand without you.

Oh Kali, you may gave me love,

You gave me manliness,

Oh Kali, you removed all my sorrow,

And removed all my problems.

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