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thuthi leaf powder

Thuthi leaves has an amazing health benefits. I bought thuthi leaf powder from Amazon. Click here to buy. Continue reading. If you found this post is useful, share it, tweet it and pin it. 

Thuthi Leaves in Tamil and its Botanical name is Abutilon indicum. Thuthi plant which generally grows up to 2 meters height. The plant is with green leaves and yellow flowers which open in the evening only. The fruit of the plant is rounded oval shape. This medicinal plant is considered as very important in Tamil Siddha medicinal therapy. In Tamil Nadu, this thuthi leaves will cook in daily basis or they eat as raw leaves. Thuthi seeds, roots, stem, flowers, fruit, leaves and seeds of this amazing plant are beneficial for human health.


  • Thuthi leaves is the best medicine for cuing piles (hemorrhoids). 
  • Take 3 leaves, add in the mixer grinder and add little amount of water, ground like a paste and mix the paste in the butter milk and consume in an empty stomach for 3 days. The piles bleeding will stop and the swelling will subside.
  • This can be fried in castor oil and tied over the piles affected areas with inflamed parts. The swell will subside.
  • Men, who are suffering from infertility, and the thuthi flower can help to increase semen and sperm motility in men.
  • This plant extracts are used in treatment of fever. It can bring down the fever quickly and without any side effects.
  • The extracts of this plant is a natural laxative and is useful for the people who are suffering from constipation.
  • Boil thuthi leaves in water, add milk and brown sugar, it will cure constipation and irritation in the rectum.
  • Thuthi leaves can be fried in ghee and taken along with rice for 40-120 days by women who face white discharge problem.
  • Thuthi leaves can be boiled in water and this boiled water can be gargled daily to cure bleeding in gum.
  • consumption of thuthi leaves will give extra strength to muscles .
  • The leaves can be crushed and the juice can be mixed with tamarind for external application to heal the prolonged wounds.
  • The juice of thuthi leaves can be mixed with raw rice powder and tied on the swollen parts to be burst and healed.
  • blood vomiting can be arrested with the juice of thuthi leaves and sugar.
  • Let us take it along with our food and promote our overall well-being.

(Some of the points from this article taken from the social media and from the other blogging sites). Recently from one of my family member got piles (hemorrhoids), just i gave thuthi leave powder mixed  in the buttermilk, piles are totally subsided in 3 days. It's a miracle for us. From my experience am sharing this and please consult your family doctor if you have any healthy issues other than piles (hemorrhoids).

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