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kannamavin kadhal

Kattru veliyidai Kannamma - Nindran,

Kadhalai yennik kalikkindren - Amu

Thutrinai otha idazhgalum - Nila

Voori thathumbum vizhigalum - Pathu

Matru ponnotha nin meniyum - indha,

Vaiyathil yanulla mattilum - Yenai,

Vetru ninaivindri thetriye -Ingor,

Vinnavanaaga puriyume - Indha (katru)

Nee yena thinuyir kannamma - Yendha,

Neramum nindranai potruven - thuyar,

Poyina, poyina thunbangal ninaip-

Ponnenna konda pozhuthile - endran,

Vaayinile amudhuruthe - kannam

Maavendra persollum pozhthile - uyir th-

Theeyinile valar jothiye, yendran,

Chinthanaye yenthan chithame - Indha k- (kaatru)


In the open air space of this world, my Kannamma,

I enter in to rapture thinking of your love,

Your cheeks which are like the spring of nectar,

Your moon light drenched eyes that blink,

Your body which is of the purest gold,

Would make me think of nothing else,

As long as I live in this world,

And make me a heavenly being,

Even as I live in this world here, Kannamma.

You are my entire soul, my Kannamma,

And I would praise you always and at all times,

For sorrow vanished, vanished the pain filled life,

As soon as I thought that you were gold,

And when I repeated your name darling,

My mouth was drenched with nectar,

Oh flame which grows in the fire of my life,

On my mind, Oh my thought,

In this open air space of the world, Kannamma

I enter in to rapture thinking of your love.



Bharathi gave the title "Kannamma's Love" for this poem but it is a  mostly his love for Kannamma that is permeating the song. He weaves his fascination and love for her throughout the lyrics enthralled by her beauty. Let us analyze the phrases that he uses here.

"Kattru veliyidai" - By this Bharathi means many things - such as aerial expanse, transient time and incessant. He thinks about her and relishes her love in the vast expanse incessantly. He does not consider her a tiny object but permeating in space magnificently as VishvarUpam.

"AmuThutrinai otha idazhgalum" - has always been the favorite phrase of poets to describe the lips of the beloved. The lips are like the spring of nectar - is it so ? Well, for those in love that is what it seems like.

"NilaVooriy thathumbum vizhigalum" - What do the eyes look like ? The moon immerses in those eyes and makes the eyes shine forth, mesmerizing the object viewed by the eyes.

"PathuMatru ponnotha nin meniyum" - Bharathi compares her complexion to that of pure gold. This is again a phrase that poet resort to describe something beautiful - in this case the complexion of the beloved. Such a comparison is used when describing an object of admiration.

Bharathi says that the features of Kannamma described above exalt him to the status of a celestial forever because when one is devoid of miseries he ascends to an exalted status in the ethereal space. He does not think about anything else other than Kannamma.

"Nee yena thinuyir" - You are my precious life he says to Kannamma, "I adore you all the time". When he keeps her thoughts in his mind his miseries disappear. When he utters her name sweet nectar springs in his mouth. To him Kannamma is the proverbial effulgence "Theeyinile valar jothiye" - of the fire and she fills his thoughts incessantly.

Bharathi's love for his Kannamma existed only in the fantasy world. Only there he can indulge in all the fantasies he can think of. In his "Kuyil Pattu" also he falls in love with the kuyil (cuckoo) and imagines the kuyil as a dazzling maiden in his reverie.

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