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food riddles with answers

Hungry for some food riddles with answers ? Stretch your mind and your belly with these riddles related to food. Eating is one of the great delights of life and  just as food nourishes your body, so you too can riddles about food nourish your mind and keep it sharp and young. We have carefully crafted a sample platter of delectable and delicious funny and healthy food riddles to tickle your mind and your tummy. Below you will find all sorts of great food riddles with answers. Enjoy and share these yummy brain food riddles and jokes!

I have put together a collection of 50 food riddles for  kids and adults who need a challenge. Compete with your family and try to guess an answer!

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1. What vegetable is the most fun to be around and the one that everybody wants to hang out with ?

ANSWER : Fungi

2. What is the wealthiest nut ?

ANSWER : Cashew

3. What kind of fruit must have a large wedding ceremony with lots of people in attendance ?

ANSWER : Can't-elope

4. I am a beer yet kids can drink me and not get drunk ? What am I ?

ANSWER : Root Beer

5. What kind of food does the baby chicken make when it goes to the bathroom ?

ANSWER : Chickpeas

6. What vegetable is the king of rock and roll ?

ANSWER : Elvis Parsley

7. What did the doctor prescribe to the sick lemon ?

ANSWER : Lemon-aid

8. You cut me up, you chop me up, you dice me up and you cry over me. What am I ?

ANSWER : Onion

9. What kind of fruit do computer nerds love the most ?

ANSWER : Macintosh Apples

10. What has an ear but cannot hear ?

ANSWER : An ear of corn

11. One day, a bean fell in love with some water. The water said they could get married if the bean became used as a flavoring agent. The bean replied that they could get married only if they lived in a colder climate. The agreed and had a baby who happened to be a good rapper. What did they name their baby ?

ANSWER : Vanilla Ice

12. I always try my best to keep up with mustard and bbq sauce. Who am I ?

ANSWER : Ketchup

13. I am a bird, I am a fruit and I am a person. What am I ?


14. What do you call a cat who has sprouted fins and loves to swim ?

ANSWER : Catfish

15. What do golfers drink ?

ANSWER : Tea (Tee)

16. What vegetable always loses in every competition, yet is a terrific rapper ?

ANSWER :  Beets

17. What kind of vegetable do people look forward to getting every month ?

ANSWER : Celery (Salary)

food riddles with answers

18. What vegetable can you use to tie your shoe lace ?

ANSWER : A String bean

19. What fruit never ever wants to be alone ?


20. I am a stick stuck in a ball of sweetness. What am I ?

ANSWER : Lollipop

21. Which fruit is a celebrity ?

ANSWER : Star Apple

22. What kind of food do mummies like to eat ?

ANSWER : Wraps

food riddles with answers

23. What fruit is friendly and likes to meet people ?

ANSWER : A date

24. What fruit likes to get drunk the most ?

ANSWER : Fruit cocktail

25. I love apples and I love to read, you'll find me digging around in the earth. What am I ?

ANSWER : Bookworm

26. I am a dog that has lots of ears ? What am I ?

ANSWER : Corndog

27. What is the most delicious kind of money ?

ANSWER : Dough-nut

28. What is the craziest, wackiest, most bizarre fruit ?

ANSWER : Coco-nut

29. I am the sweetest and most romantic fruit. What am I ?

ANSWER : Honeydew

30. What is the longest fruit ?

ANSWER : Longan

31. Which vegetable is always unhappy ?

ANSWER : Bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd or bitter squash)

food riddles with answers

32. What kind of food is always tardy ?

ANSWER : Choco-late

33. What vegetable grows eggs ?

ANSWER : Eggplant

34. What is the most deceitful and dishonest fruit ?

ANSWER : Lychee (lie-chee)

35. In what vegetable can you find all sorts of animals ?

ANSWER : Zucchini (zoo-cchini)

36. What do you call the father of all sodas ?


food riddles with answers

37. I had to call 911 because of one of the vegetables. Which one was it ?

ANSWER : Arti-choke

38. The rabbit became rich when he found 24 of what ?

ANSWER : Carrots (carats)

39. I am food that likes to exercise, and people love to put things like carrots and chips in me.


40. What food calls Americans "yanks" who live "across the pond"?

ANSWER : English Muffins

41. I am the meanest of all foods and it takes all the might of your teeth to tear me apart, what am I ?

ANSWER : Jerky

42. What kind of drink loves an earthquake ?

ANSWER : Milkshake

43. What kind of dessert is the best chef ?

ANSWER : Cookie

food riddles with answers

44. What is the tastiest kind of sand ?

ANSWER : Sandwich

45. I am the most cowardly and fearful of all foods and do my best to run away.

ANSWER : Chicken

46. All vegetables have the same father, who is he ?

ANSWER : Popcorn

47. What food do you ear when you take a break at school ?

ANSWER : Recess pieces

48. What fruit is always sad ?

ANSWER : Blueberry

49. What fruit can you use to sip water ?

ANSWER : Straw-berry

50. What kind of room can you eat ?

ANSWER : Mushroom

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