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Riddles are the all-time favorite game, for both adults and kids. Some riddles can be funny, while others can be harder than you think. 

Kitchens are traditionally used for cooking and preparing food and have been the most important part of the family home for years in several cultures worldwide. Here is a comprehensive list I have complied of tricky questions that are related to the kitchen. 

I have put together a collection of 20 kitchen riddles for  adults who need a challenge. Compete with your family and try to guess an answer!

20 Animal Riddles

1.  I am a room. I have a sink. I have a stove. You use me for cooking. What am I ?

Answer : A Kitchen 

2. I am a vessel used in Kitchen. I am deep and hollow. Remove the first alphabet in me and find a bird. Who am I ?

Answer : Bowl 

3. Big as a biscuit, deep as a cup, even a river can't fill it up. What is it ?

Answer : A Kitchen strainer

4. I am mostly found in the kitchen. You eat in me. I am usually round in shape but sometimes I come in other shapes too. Who am I ?

Answer : Plate

5. I have a short, wide body. It is cold and shiny. My insides are hot as flame. I have two mouths. My tail in long and forked. What am I ?

Answer : A Toaster

6. I have one hand, 4-5 fingers. You use me to eat noodles. Guess who am I ?

Answer : Fork

7. I help you cut vegetables and fruits. I am sharp and can be very dangerous. Your mom tells you to not touch me. Who am I ?

Answer : Knife

8. I help you eat food, but I am not you hand. You can eat everything using me. you can use me to mix food as well. Who am I ?

Answer : Spoon

9. If it takes 5 microwaves 5 minutes to cook 5 chickens, how long does it take 100 microwaves to cook 100 chickens ?

Answer : 5 minutes. We can assume that one chicken is placed in each microwave and that each chicken takes 5 minutes to cook

10. If you put roast in a roaster, what do you put in toaster ?

Answer : Bread

11. The sun bakes them, the hand breaks them, the food treads on them, and the mouth tastes them. What are they ?

Answer : Grapes

12. What goes through the door without pinching itself, sits on the stove without burning itself, sits on the table and is not ashamed ?

Answer : The Sun

13. What happened to the man who plugged his electric blanket into a toaster ?

Answer : He kept popping out of bed

14. What kind of garden does a baker have ?

Answer : A flour garden!

15. What washes up on tiny beaches ?

Answer : Microwaves

16. When is 90 greater than 100 ?

Answer : On a microwave timer. When you type 100, the timer interprets it as 1 minute. When you type 90, it will 90 seconds, which is 1 minute 30 seconds

17. You have three stoves: a gas stove, a wood stove, and a coal stove, but only one match. Which should you light first ?

Answer : The Match !

18. Why did the outlaw hold up the bakery ?

Answer : He kneaded the dough

19. Why can't a cook swallow his apron ?

Answer : Because it goes against his stomach

20. What starts with "T", ends with "T", and is full of "T" ?

Answer : Teapot

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