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Riddles for teens are a great way to apply their minds and think logically. But now a days, teens often remain distracted by social media and hardly pay any attention to the development of critical thinking skills and an attitude of problem-solving. So here are some 30 riddles for teens along with answers to get their minds running. Play together for a family game night, and they might actually enjoy spending time with you again.

20 Animal Riddles

1. There is a place where Christmas comes before Thanksgiving, Where is it ?

Answer : In the dictionary

2. There is an electric train which is headed towards the east. So, Where does the smoke go ?

Answer : An Electric train produces no smoke

3. Even though it is lighter than a feather, you can't even hold it for five minutes.

Answer : Your Breath

4. The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it ?

Answer : A Towel

5. What can't be kept until it is given ?

Answer : A Promise

6. Which question can never be answered as "yes" ?

Answer : Are you asleep yet ?

7. This is kept on the table and cut, but we never eat it. What is it ?

Answer : A Pack of Cards

8. What starts with P and ends with E, but has a million letters in between ?

Answer : A Post Office

9. I have 13 hearts, but no other organ. What am I ?

Answer : A deck of cards

10. Alcohol will make me prosper, but a drop of water can murder me. What am I ?

Answer : Fire

11. It has four fingers and a thumb but isn't alive. What is it ?

Answer : A Glove

12. Why is Santa so good in Karate ?

Answer : Because he wears a black belt

13. What is a snowman called in summer ?

Answer : A Puddle

14. Who is never hungry on Christmas ?

Answer : A turkey because it is always stuffed

15. Who is a person who is terrified of Santa Claus ?

Answer : Claustrophobic

16. What can make an octopus laugh ?

Answer : Ten tickles (tentacles)

17. During which month do people work the least ?

Answer : February, because it has only 28 days

18. Two people were playing chess and both won. How did this happen ?

Answer : Checkmate

19. I am the sweetest and most romantic fruit. What am I ? 

Answer : Honeydew

20. You can drop me from the tallest building, and I'll be fine. But if you drop me in the water, I die. What am I ?

Answer : Paper

21. Which fruit is always sad ?

Answer : A Blueberry

22. Which tree can you carry in your hand ?

Answer : Palm Tree

23. What type of music do rabbits like ?

Answer : Hip Hop!

24. Which is the only English word with "ii" in it ?

Answer : Skiing

25. Which English word has three consecutive double letters ?

Answer : Bookkeeper

26. Which is the only English letter with "uu" in it ?

Answer : Vacuum

27. I am hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. What am I ? 

Answer : A Friend

28. What has a bottom at the top ?

Answer : Your legs

29. What did the English book say to the Algebra book ?

Answer : Don't change the subject

30. My first letter is in chocolate but not in ham. My second is in cake and jam. My third is in tea but not in coffee. My whole is a friend who likes to sleep. Who am I ?

Answer : A Cat

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